Today is International Women’s Day. And so, to celebrate, here is a brief look at five of my favourite female designers.

1. Kelly Wearstler

Our first female designer is based in West Hollywood, California. Kelly Wearstler designs hotel and residential interiors, as well as product ranges. Kelly is famous for her dramatic, luxury aesthetic. Her style is old Hollywood glamour with a modern twist. As a result her interiors are vivid, creative and glamorous. They are strong in colour, form and texture. Her knack of juxtaposing old objects with new brings elegance, drama and sophistication.

“TO MY THINKING THERE is no place for rigidity in DESIGN. A constant evolution is WHAT INSPIRES.” Kelly Wearstler

KW Charmaine's Rooftop Bar + Lounge
Charmaine’s Rooftop Bar + Lounge, Proper Hotel, San Francisco.
KW Evergreen Residence Library
Evergreen Residence, Mercer Island, WA.
Doheny Residence, Beverly Hills, CA

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2. Kelly Hoppen

One of the most famous interior designers of our time. Another Kelly, this one is from the UK but her designs span the globe. Famous for her timeless, sophisticated, luxe style, Kelly Hoppen prefers a neutral palette. Her favourite colour is taupe. This results in spaces that are calming and restorative. A sanctuary in which to to relax and escape the world outside. Kelly uses space, scale, form and texture to bring drama to the glamorous spaces she designs.

“A home should be where you feel joy and happiness. It should feel like your own space, reflective of the spirit, life and loves of the people who live there.” Kelly Hoppen

LUX Grand Gaube, Mauritius.
Private Residence, London.
Private Residence, London.

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3. Ilse Crawford

The third female designer, on this list, is Ilse Crawford. Also based in the UK, Ilse’s mission is to put human need and experience at the centre of her projects. Ilse creates homes in which people feel comfortable and public spaces in which they feel at home. Consequently Ilse’s designs feel like spaces that are lived in and loved. Places that promote well-being. Places to relax in, full of warmth and humanity. If you have Netflix, you can see Ilse at work in the series Abstract, Episode 8. Well worth a watch.

“Design is not just a visual thing, it’s a thought process, a skill. Ultimately design is a skill to enhance our humanity. It’s a frame for life.” Ilse Crawford

Apartment in Milan
Refettorio Felix. Community Kitchen, St Cuthbert’s, London.
Private Apartment, Great Guilford Street, London.

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4. India Mahdavi

Born in Iran, India Mahdavi grew up in New England, Germany and France. From her studio in Paris she designs furniture, as well as hotels, restaurants and bars around the world. India’s designs are playful and full of colour. A common theme is curves which give her designs a feminine feel. Probably most famous, is her work at The Gallery, Sketch in London. India plays with light, colour and space creating delightful, welcoming interiors.

“My work is about joy and sunshine and how you can change the mood of a room full of people when the place has some kind of happiness to it. People need colour.” India Mahdavi.

Hotel Maison Thoumieux, Paris.
The Gallery, Sketch, London.
Ladurée, Beverly Drive, Los Angeles.

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5. Young Huh

Female designer number five is Young Huh. Born in Detroit, Young is based in NYC. Her luxe designs are timeless, eclectic and chic. Young was studying to be a lawyer when she changed track into interior design. Her love of art and materials is evident in her very cool, but totally liveable residential and commercial interiors. Colour, pattern and luxury textures feature in her spaces. Like the other ladies on this list she is a master at mixing the old with the new. For me, that is key to interesting interiors.

“I’ve always been interested in the juxtaposition of modern and traditionally pretty decorative arts.” Young Huh

Young Huh, Residential.
Young Huh, Residential.
Cuerno Bar, Young Huh.

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