This week I thought I’d share some share some monochromatic interior design inspiration and tips with you. Monochromatic schemes often feel calming and I think we could all use a bit of that right now. I actually found so many gorgeous images that I am splitting this post into 2. This week we’ll look at communal spaces and next week will be bedrooms.

Monochromatic colour schemes take just one colour but can use all its different shades, tints and tones. Using colour this way is on the rise and there are some stunning spaces out there. Monochromatic spaces often feel restful and nurturing, perfect for right now. They can also be bold and make quite a statement, but they are easier to do than rooms with two colours or more. Things to watch out for is that it doesn’t appear too flat or boring. To avoid monotony (meaning one tone) use darker and lighter shades of the same colour as well as pattern and texture. Use white to calm down a space and add light, and black to anchor it and create drama. Metallic accents help mix it up as do wood and stone. Let’s take a look below at some successful monochromatic rooms.

Living Spaces

To kick things off we have a trio of pink living areas. Pink is a great colour for a monochromatic scheme. From pale pinks and blushes that calm and nurture to bolder shades like fuchsia and magenta which add drama and energy. As always a mix of different shades is going to create depth and interest in a monochromatic interior.

Monochromatic Interior Design: Hamptons Sunroom
Image via @archdigest

In this sunroom belonging to Kate Rheinstein Brodsky, classic Hampton style is given a colourful makeover. The deep rose and white checkerboard floor and huge pink and cream graphic print sofa are playful and inviting. The busy floor and sofa are tempered with neutral ceiling, walls and blinds. Pattern helps this monochromatic scheme feel anything but boring!

Pink Monochromatic Interior Design
Image via @danielletullo

This room feels cosy and has a soft, feminine, glamour. A few lighter shades of pink are lifted by small splashes of darker pinks on the wallpaper, cushion and wall art. A mix of patterns and textures make the room feel layered. White and gold accents break up the pink bringing extra glamor and warmth, while the lips print adds a fun, flirty touch.

Dining Room

Monochromatic Interior Design: Pink Living Room
Image via Architectural Digest

This luxe, dining room, designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Kylie Jenner, has a young, bold, glam vibe. This energy is great for stimulating conversation at dinner. The dining chair colours are taken from her lipstick range and go from the lightest pink to the darkest. These colours are brought up into the table flowers and butterfly artworks. The gold ceiling, oversized light fixture and black accents amp up the drama The black and white rug anchors the space, its chunky texture delivering warmth and comfort.

Blue Living Room

Blue Monochromatic Living Room
Image via Vogue Living

This last living room is blue, which is perhaps the most popular colour choice for monochromatic schemes. Texture is king when it comes to successful monochromatic interior design. This room has a plethora of different ones. From the tufted velvet sofa, heavy linen drapes and layered rugs on the wooden floor to the metallic and stone accents and ceiling mouldings


Monochrome can be deep and saturated or light and pale as these two kitchens show. The kitchen can be a good place to use monochrome for an effortlessly chic, sleek appeal.

Pink Monochromatic Kitchen
Image via @luvbec

This barely-there pink kitchen says minimalistic, city chic. The iced pink cupboards are just slightly darker than the ceiling and allow the gorgeous, huge quartz island to shine. Metallic accents and black bar stools provide the lift and stop it from feeling too flat.

Monochromatic Interior Design: Blue Kitchen
Image via @harveymaria

In this completely different kitchen, a deep, inky blue is contrasted by white in the bold, graphic tiles and farmhouse sink. The natural, light brown wooden door and countertop help anchor this look and bring in the country feel. Brushed brass fixtures are subtly chic without competing for attention. A great example of modern, rustic chic.


Bathrooms are also a great place for monochromatic. Maybe it’s because as the first place we go in the mornings and last place we go at night something restful feels right.

Monochromatic interior Design: Contemporary green bathroom
Image via @reutovdesign

Terrazzo is the star of this contemporary bathroom by Reutov Design. It even makes an appearance on the wc seat! The green colour scheme provides a veil of calm. Black towels and matt black fixtures make a bigger impact than white. The ribbed wall is both very modern whilst giving a nod to Art Deco.

Monochromatic interior Design: Transitional Bathroom
Image credit Emily Followill

This more traditional bathroom has a similar design approach to the one above but this time it is the wallpaper that is the star. The porcelain bath, tiled floor and gloss painted wood work contrast with the linen curtains and towels. The blue chair really ties this room together.

What are your thoughts on monochromic schemes? As you can see they are pretty flexible. They can be used to create warming and welcoming spaces, both calm and dramatic. Would you like to give it a go, or are you already living the monochrome dream? Perhaps one colour is not enough for you. The most popular room for this kind colour scheme is actually the bedroom. Tune in next week when we will be looking at a selection of gorgeous monochromatic bedrooms.

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