The spring equinox was last Thursday, and from Sunday we get an extra hour of daylight in the evenings (UK + Europe). The weather here, in Concarneau, has been fabulous over the weekend and looks set to continue….at least for this week ๐Ÿ™‚ Spring is definitely in the air and so, this week we are looking at some easy ways to bring it into your home.

1. Flowers

Outside the trees are full of blossom and tulips and daffodils are blooming. One of the easiest ways to add some spring decor to your home is via flowers. Seasonal blooms like tulips, peonies, lilac, ranunculus, daffodils, freesias and hyacinths will “feel” right. For larger drama try cherry blossom or forsythia branches. If fresh flowers are not for you, there are some great faux flowers around these days. Abigail Ahern, Cox & Cox and Wyld Home have some of the best.

Bouquets of Tulips
Tulips: classic, colourful spring flowers.
Faux Blossom Branches
Large Faux Blossom Spray:

2. Cushions

I’m sure you’ve heard it before but changing your cushions is a quick way so freshen up your decor. Whites, greens, blues, yellows, pastels all work well for spring. And, how about something floral? Or, a leaf motif? If you sew, or know of a good seamstress then look at fabrics. You’ll have more choice and only the covers to store.

Madam Stoltz ?Fringed Linen Cushion
Madam Stoltz Fringed Linen Cushion from Liberty.

Fringes and tassels are big news for cushions this year. Put this cushion on an armchair and style with a vase of lilacs. 💜

Ginkgo Cushion Yves Delorme
Ginkgo Cushion from Yves Delorme

Marigold and Scalloped – two 2019 trends!

Peonia Grande Zinc from Designers Guild.
Peonia Grande Zinc from Designers Guild.

This peony design comes as both a fabric and a wallpaper. Add a bit of ethereal drama. Would suit both classic and contemporary interiors.

3. Lampshades

Another easy way to add some spring decor is by changing your lampshades. Switch out darker shades for lighter ones. These will allow more light to diffuse into the room. If your decor is fairly neutral you could add a pop of colour here, co-ordinate with throw cushions to create a cohesive feel. Look to artworks and accessories for colour ideas.

Orchy with 31cm Drum in Dupion Silk from Pooky.
Orchy with 31cm Drum in Dupion Silk from Pooky.
Roya Lampshade from Pooky.

4. Bed Linen

I recommend giving your house a good deep clean. Get rid of those winter cobwebs and get ready for summer. After your spring clean, treat yourself to some new bed linen. A good nights sleep is going to help you feel refreshed and full of the joys of spring.

Ruched Wave Quilt + Pillowcases from Anthropologie.
Ruched Wave Quilt + Pillowcases from Anthropologie.

I am loving the look of this washed cotton set. The ruched wave creates a subtle interest that looks so soft and inviting. (I also love this bed. By one of my current favourite designers, Bethan Gray. Check out some more of her work here.)

Crinkle Velvet Duvet Cover + Pillowcases from West Elm.
Crinkle Velvet Duvet Cover + Pillowcases from West Elm.

Normally I prefer all white bedding. But, this dusty blush velvet set caught my eye last year. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to be able to get my Aussie, Darren, to agree to these! Maybe for a guest room :)))

5. Paint

You can completely change most rooms by painting the walls a different colour. But, for an easy spring update, how about adding just an accent?. I love the look in the image below from Little Greene. The yellow risers are eye-catching and lift the space. Painting the area below the skirting board black emphasises the yellow and really makes it pop. Best part of this? As there are only two steps you could change colour whenever the mood takes you.

Yellow Step Risers
Image via

6. Wallpaper

Ok, so this one is a little more permanent. But, there are some amazing wallpapers around at the moment and I couldn’t leave it out. If you are feeling like your walls need a spruce up, take the plunge and add some wow factor with a bold design.

Botanical Botanica Bluebell from Cole + Son.
Botanical Botanica Bluebell from Cole + Son.

This gorgeous Art Nouveau style wallpaper features bluebells and wheatgrass. Perfect in conservatory, a light living room or even a powder room. Accessorise with plants or flowers (real or faux – see above). Stylish and spring like.

Folium Magnolia Aqua from Osborne + Little.
Folium Magnolia Aqua from Osborne + Little.

These large scale magnolia blooms make a dramatic impact. With the bamboo poles and muted colour scheme the paper has a Chinoiserie feel. This would work well in a dining room or bedroom – on the wall behind the bed.

Aurora on Nivelles Oyster in Green from Nicholas Haslam.
Aurora on Nivelles Oyster in Green from Nicholas Haslam.

Thanks to the smaller pattern and simple colour scheme, this paper is less dramatic than the two above. Suitable for most areas of the house, I think it would look especially good in a guest bedroom.

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