First popularised in the Roaring 20’s, Art Deco is the design style that has never really gone away. Its bold, sleek aesthetic feels endlessly modern and seems to transcend trends. 70s Glam and Hollywood Regency are both influenced by Art Deco design. Exquisite craftsmanship and use of luxury materials explains why high end property and superyacht interior designers are drawn to elements of this style. However, the Art Deco interiors trend has really ramped up this year. I love its glamorous, colourful vibe so, let’s take a deeper look.


The original Art Deco period reached its height in the 1920’s and 30’s. Officially established in Paris, at the Exposition Internationale des Arts DΓ©coratifs et Industriels Modernes, it swept through Europe and the United States. All areas of the decorative arts were touched: interiors, art, architecture, fashion, cars, ocean liners and trains. It was a glamorous, elegant style reflecting the economic prosperity of the period. New technologies, airline travel, the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922, the rise of the silver screen and Hollywood glamour were all strong influences.

Its clean lines, geometric shapes and streamlined curves were a backlash against the organic, flowing forms of Art Nouveau that preceded it. The style was pushed aside in the 1950’s by Modernist architecture and, in interiors, Mid Century Modern. Art Deco was perhaps the original eclectic design style, a decadent polished look encompassing elements from different design styles.

Art Deco Interiors 2020

Today it is part of a wider trend that has been building with the global rise of artisan cocktail culture. From speakeasy style bars, to the popularity of the at home bar cart. (Note that this year the bar cart is evolving to a drinks cabinet….good news for us on Lazy Kingfisher – bar carts and sailing boats are not a great match. πŸ™‚ ) This ties into the millennial trend for experience and a focus on providing a high end dining experience in your own home. This speaks of the want to create a sense of occasion. Renewed interest in craftsmanship and a desire for luxe in these uncertain times. The current appetite for gold and brass hardware, velvet and Pantone’s Colour of the Year: Classic Blue are all strong indicators for this trend.

Art Deco Interiors: The Cat's Meow
Image via The Cat’s Meow

The Cat’s Meow cocktail bar in Sydney, which opened before Christmas, has a strong Art Deco vibe. With its geometric bar design and the use of velvet, gold, marble, glass and fringe details. As well as the pink, blue, gold green and black colour palette

Adding Art Deco at Home

Decadent yet restrained, Art Deco is the perfect style for now. Not ready to go full Great Gatsby? Mixing in elements of the style with contemporary pieces will help create a timeless look. Inspiration is everywhere at the moment from wallpaper, fabric and art to furniture, lighting and accessories. Look for a bit of glam, geometric patterns and luxe materials. Read on to find out more and see my top picks:


Bold design in contrasting colours. Luxe materials, geometric patterns and curved forms. Streamlined, symmetrical design.


Fans, chevrons, feathers, leaves and branches. Shell/scallop, Egyptian motifs, sunbursts and nudes. Jagged edges inspired by the Chrysler Building – perhaps the most famous Art Deco architecture.


Marble, glass, jade, shagreen, polished hardwoods, brass, gold, polished steel, heavy lacquer, velvet.


Black, white, gold, mint green, pink, blue, jewel tones. For the modern update think rich jewel colours contrasted with pastels – see Red Herring restaurant below. Equally though neutrals can be used.


Restaurant Design

Art Deco Interiors: Red Herring 1
Image via Architectural Digest

The Red Herring in L.A. (above + below) has a huge nouveau Art Deco mural. It gives the restaurant its modern blush and teal colour scheme. Bentwood chairs exhibit the streamlined curves found in Art Deco design.

Art Deco Interiors: Red Herring 2
Image via Architectural Digest

Art Deco Interiors: 14 Hills
Image via @piggininthecity

The delightful design at 14 Hills, London feels very contemporary but the curves of the chairs belie Art Deco influences. Again, there is a mint and pink colour scheme. Here we can see how well the style works in “of the minute” interiors. The chairs elevate the space adding a layer of glamour.

Pink + Blue

Art Deco Interiors: VG Living
Image via VG Living

The stand of interior design studio VG Living at Casa Decor 2020 in Madrid earlier this month. Lots of Art Deco details: the flamboyant dresser, feather and geometric motifs to the gold and mirror finishes. Note how the pink blue and green colour scheme contains both sugary pastels and darker jewel tones.

Art Deco inspired Wallpaper
Image via Murals Wallpaper

The bold, streamlined arches in this eco-friendly wallpaper will add some high level drama to your abode. TrΓ©s elegante…one for the brave!

Image via A Modern Grand Tour

Feathers, more feathers, a scalloped sofa, glass, gold and geometric and Art Deco stylised fauna patterned cushions. A Modern Grand Tour nails the elements of the style but presents them in a contemporary vintage way with a hint of Hollywood Regency.

Art Deco inspired interior 2LG Studio
Image via 2LG Studio

British design studio 2LG design colourful, contemporary interior with a touch of Deco. Here it can be seen in the cupboard arches, the geometric patterned tiles, the rounded mirrors, symmetrical sinks and even the lighting fixture reflected in the mirror. This image carries the same pink and blue colour scheme as the one above and an equal amount of Art Deco influenced pieces and yet it feels completely different and entirely modern.

For more pink and blue inspo have a look at this post.


Image via @rennaihoefer

And, just to show you it can be done in neutrals, here is an elegant monochrome bathroom by American designers Lexi Grace Design. The funky chandelier, which is very on trend this year, has strong Art Deco influences as do the geometric floor tiles. Black and white was a common colour scheme during the period.

My Top Picks

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So, that sums up Art Deco for the 2020s. A bold, elegant, colourful style with a strong layer of glamour. What do you think? Does this style appeal to you? Let me know in the comments.

Stay safe. XO 💕

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