Last week we looked at some inspiring monochrome living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. And this week, I’ve got some gorgeous monochromatic bedrooms for you to see. Due to the often calming and restful nature of one colour schemes, they are perfectly suited to the rooms in which we sleep.

Blues and greens seem pretty popular choices for bedrooms, which is unsurprising since blue is restful and green is the colour of renewal. But if you are drawn to the warmer side of the colour wheel then go with those colours. Light and bright schemes work, as does full on saturation. Think about how you want your room to feel. Do you want to wake up to a bright and sunny space or do you prefer a dark and cozy vibe? For guest rooms I would probably err towards light and bright but in your own room, anything goes. One way to make a statement would be to do all your bedrooms in different complementary monochromatic schemes.

Using different values of the same colour can increase the perception of space. Sticking to one colour and its tints, tones and shades will make product selection much easier. As I’ve said before utilise black and/or white to break up the space and give the eyes a rest, Black and white can also be used to provide contrast and pump up the energy. Metallic and wood accents can do the same. Also be thinking pattern and texture. Ok, let’s take a look:

Blue Oasis

Monochromatic Bedrooms: Blue 1
Image via @claudbry

To start, a perfectly layered blue bedroom. The co-ordinating pattern in the curtain and the headboard has a slightly exotic feel and also incorporates taupe and white along with a couple of shades of blue. The lines in the washed linen bedcover are repeated in the wallpaper. Add a splash of white in the bedside table and sheets and it is a vision in blue. This room is pitched between light and dark.

Monochromatic Bedrooms: Blue 2
Image via @thesavoyflea

This moody, sultry room has some serious luxe rock and roll vibes. The grandness of the space with its wall panelling, ceiling mouldings and hardwood floor is juxtaposed with the unhung artworks and artfully rumpled bedcover. The white pillows and behind bed furniture provide depth and brightness, drawing the eye in. The lighting really ties the room together with the bedside lamps echoing the shapes of the glamorous vintage chandelier. Large mirrors provide balance and select light from the windows.

50 Shades of Green

Monochromatic Bedrooms: Green
Image credit @reutovdesign

Reutov Design is a master at nailing contemporary monochromatic and complementary colour scheme. Here we can see that he has started with this fabulous, life like fern wallcovering. From there he has drawn different shades of green from the backdrop to use in the velvet bed, silk sheets and cushions. Even the bedside table, lamp, flooring and ceiling are green. This scheme works because there is a whole range of greens, from very light to very dark.


Monochromatic Bedrooms: White
Image via Serena & Lily

Although monochromatic means one colour neutrals also make for some stunning rooms. This all white room has been balances by the strong texture in the rug and blankets. There is also pattern and a light taupe in these and in the pillows and wallpaper. Sometimes all white can be too clinical this texture and the touches of different colour woods in the flooring and furniture and adds warmth and the overall feel is serene.

Mulberry Pattern Mania

Monochromatic Bedrooms: Mulberry
Image credit Simon Upton

Here is something a little different! Charlotte Moss used pattern everywhere in this decadent bedroom. From the wallcovering to the curtains, to the armchair to the bed linens. And then, there is a different pattern on the floor. This level of pattern could be pretty crazy (depending on your personal taste) but but because there is just one colour with a couple of different tones then, it feels unified and chic. It is a very traditional, country style room but the monochromatic colour gives a contemporary veneer. The dark canopied beds break up the pattern and add depth.

Sunshine Yellow

Monochromatic Bedrooms: Yellow
Image via DigsDigs

Another bedroom from the warm side of the colour wheel. This one in yellow feels bright and breezy. Yellow is an optimistic colour, full of hope and I think you’d feel pretty cheerful waking up here. Because yellow is the brightest colour then it can sometimes be a bit much in a monochromatic room but here energy from the corn yellow patterned wallpaper has been tempered with plenty of white and a neutral floor. The cathedral ceiling adds to the airy vibe.

Purple Haze

Monochromatic Bedrooms: Indigo
Image credit @artemandde

This deep indigo bedroom feels grown up and glamorous. The full on saturation is given a lift from the sheen in the wall paint and in the pillowcases which catches the light. The inky eggplant cushions and throw add another dark layer and a softer cosier texture while the gold pendant and vase are like the jewellery. I imagine you’d get a good night sleep in here, like a cocoon.

Monochromatic Bedrooms: Lilac
Image via Ashlina Kaposta

Still on the purple spectrum, this lilac bedroom has a very feminine energy. The glamorous chinoiserie wallcovering is paired with a silver velvet tufted headboard and padded lilac duvet. The black and white carpet provides a little masculine balance, a contrast to the sugary sweetness and the greek fret cushion ties the two together. A mirrored, chrome bedside table completes the look.

Monochromatic Bedrooms for Kids

Kid's Rooms: Green
Image credit @schumacher1889

Monochromatic colour schemes can also work well in children’s rooms. It is a good way to add colour but keep a chic vibe as seen in this glamorous nursery room by Catherine Brown Paterson. There are quite a few patterns going on here with the chinoiserie bed curtain the star of the show. This delicate pattern is balanced by the chunky chest of draws and elephant with gold ornamentation. The splashes of white keep it feeling bright and childlike whilst the dark wood floor anchors the space.

Kid's Room: Pink
Image credit Manolo Yllera

This sweet plaster pink room is perfect for a modern day princess. There is a good balance between the classical feel of the canopy bed and the contemporary style furniture. The butterfly pattern is good for a child but will not feel too babyish too soon. Painting the window trim and skirting board in the same colour as the wallpaper feels modern and cosy.

Kid's Room: Grey
Image credit @schumacher1889

And lastly in our monochromatic bedrooms, we have grey. The UK’s top interior colour is apparently grey and this room and although it could easily be boring in monochrome, this room by Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Ellen Pompeo feels fun. Bold circus stripes on the wall and ceiling and the teepee see to that. However, the room’s success relies also on the expertly layered textures; from the chevron blind and rug to the bunkbeds and the rattan money chandelier.

So, are you convinced yet? Is monochrome for you? I have been toying the idea of using monochromatic schemes in the cabins on our boat but I’m not sure I can stick to one colour…maybe in our next home. Hope you are practicing self care during this time, whether it’s making your surroundings more beautiful, having a nice long bath, a Netflix marathon or a nice bottle of wine or all of the above.

Stay Safe,

Lots of Love,

Anna XO 💕

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