Woohoo! The sun is back! It’s late August and the last bank holiday before Christmas is here. This is a time to kick back and relax. With that in mind, I have rounded up some candy colour Instagram accounts that I am crushing over for you to take a look at over the weekend.

This aesthetic is part pastel, nostalgic, Americana and part full on rainbow colour fun. As the 1980’s revival continues across the board in fashion and also in television – hello Stranger Things and Glow – maybe this is influencing the popularity of this look…..or maybe it’s the endless summer vibe. Either way these ice-cream colour accounts provide inspiration for fun, joyful colour schemes that you could use at home or just follow them to brighten up your feed.


Matt Crump is an American digital print artist from Austin, Texas. He fully embraces this ice-cream fantasy. I mean, his profile picture is a dude wearing a unicorn head! Matt’s aesthetic is surreal candy colour minimalism but his instagram account ranges from that to colourful maximalism. Listed by TIME magazine on their Instagram 50, this is a must if you want to dive right in.


Erin Summer is a photographer and content creator. She develops visual aesthetics for brands. Erin sells her own art prints and cushions on Society6. Adding these to a blank space will really make it pop. Follow @erinsummer_ for colourful images of places and curated items. Ice-cream fantasy fun.


@candyminimal is curated by Matt Crump (see above). This is where he shares his fans best photos tagged #candyminimal. Think pastel pinks, blues, yellows and greens; clean images with lots of negative space. Whimsical.


@colourspeak_kerry_ is a photographer and traveller based in Bondi Beach, Australia. Her photos are mainly of places she’s travelled. Lots of colourful architecture and a unicorn vibe. Pastel houses everywhere….but mainly in Italy and Australia.


@patricia_bustos is a Spanish interior designer based in Madrid. Patricia Bustos has appeared in the pages of this blog before. I love the way the way her love of candy colours influences the interiors she designs. Her interiors are light, colourful and glam. Posts includes shots of these, regrams of other colourful shots and also of Patricia, mainly out surfing where there is a similar colour vibe.


@veeceecheng is an account run by photographer Victor Cheng. Born in Toronto but based in Hong Kong Victor’s images offer a unique take on Hong Kong architecture. Places he has visited also feature. All have a strong clean aesthetic using natural light.


Yoko Honda is a Japanese artist. I love her 80’s style pictures full of motels, swimming pools, palm trees and neon signs. Her work is a combination of digital art and print and mainly depicts architecture and interiors. Follow Yoko @yokopium.

Hope you have some fun plans for this bank holiday + that the sun shines on you too. XO 💕

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