The 2019 floral wallpaper trend keeps on trucking and my instagram feed is full of gorgeous images. I love the modern maximalist take on florals. Currently I am feeling especially drawn to dark, supersized designs. These wallpapers look great in bedrooms, on the wall behind the headboard. Likewise, they suit bath and powder rooms, kitchens, living and dining rooms. Working equally well in city or country interiors, inject some romantic drama into your home with one of the examples below. Perfect for spring décor, these designs will keep on giving all year long. This is not a sponsored post.

Ellie Cashman’s Floral Wallpaper

Ellie Cashman: Summer Squall Daylight White Floral Wallpaper
Image via Ellie Cashman

Queen of floral wallpapers is Ellie Cashman. An American designer, living in the Netherlands, Ellie is inspired by the still life painters of the Dutch Golden Age.  I absolutely love her oversized, moody floral wallpaper designs. In this bathroom by, @leeanefordinteriors, Summer Squall Daylight White has been used with restraint resulting in a clean and fresh feel.

Ellie Cashman Dark Floral II Black Saturated 200%
Image via Ellie Cashman

Leopard and Black Interiors has used Dark Floral II Black Saturated 200% in her hallway to dramatic effect. This is reinforced by the chandelier. The rest of the décor is fairly neutral and, looking into the living room, we can see that the colour palette has been lifted from the wallpaper.

A Golden Age Velvet Black Floral Wallpaper
Image via Ellie Cashman

Last (almost) design by Ellie Cashman. Used by @Melissa_ditella in her bedroom, A Golden Age Velvet Black Wallpaper brings warmth and vitality. The flowers are just blooming from behind the headboard. Love It 😍. Ellie Cashman designs can be ordered here.

Drama XXL

Etsy can be an excellent resource for ordering wallpaper and decals. I would advise checking the reviews of a particular product before ordering. This peel and stick wallpaper is an oversized depiction of Jan Davidsz de Heem Flowers in Vase. It looks amazing on this large bedroom wall. Peel and stick paper is reusable if you keep the backing.

Although quite a statement this wallpaper also feels relaxing and tranquil. This is thanks to the pale pink of the oversized peony and rose heads. As you can see the extreme large scale look suits both bedroom living areas. Best to keep the other design elements fairly neutral.

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Florals for Everyone

This super sweet bedroom has wallpaper from, Australian company, Minnie and Me. The pink and blue design feels suited to a bedroom. And look, you see florals work in kid’s rooms as well!

In fact florals are perfect for a small person. They work for all ages and so, your child’s bedroom can grow with them as they get older. Here vintage furniture is complemented by the vintage flower wallpaper.

Floral Ceilings

5 walls papered in floral wallpaper
Image via The Spruce

Don’t forget about the ceiling! In the image above, Jane Wolf Interiors, has papered all 5 walls in the same design. This gives the illusion of a higher ceiling. A cramped room can be made to feel more spacious when the ceiling is the same as the walls.

Or maybe just paper the ceiling. Statement ceilings are another big trend. Above, Ellie Cashman’s (and this is the last, I promise) Dark Floral II Black Desaturated in vinyl brings drama and excitement but, is not at all overwhelming. Just wait until your guests look up.

Alternate Blooms

1838 Wallcoverings new murals will launch in May. In this, Sapphire Bloom, the watercolour flowers are on a delicate canvas texture. More like a work of art.

Abigail Borg’s Mathilda Midnight from Studio Four
Image by Matthew Williams via Living etc

A powder room is the perfect place to experiment with floral wallpaper. In a small space you probably want a slightly smaller scale so as not to overwhelm. I love the way the pink in the marble matches the wallpaper in this room by Studio DB. Wallpaper is Abigail Borg’s Mathilda Midnight from Studio Four.

de Gournay's Anenomes in Light in Kate Moss' bathroom
Image via The Times

Kate Moss’s typically glamorous bathroom. This wallpaper, Anemones in Light, was designed by Kate and luxury bespoke wallpaper brand de Gournay. The flower is a symbol of good luck. Hand painted on silk, this will set you back £1,200 per panel. To get a similar look for less try Harlequin’s Lotus Wallpaper in Indigo from John Lewis. You can thank The Times for that tip. 😊

So, I hope you found inspiration here, which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments XO

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