Until relatively recently, I would have said marble all the way in the bathroom. But, in the last year or so, I have been seeing some seriously striking bathroom tiles design ideas, and I am beginning to change my viewpoint. Not only is tiling a fabulous way to be creative and add some personality, it is also a bit more budget friendly than marble.

When choosing a dramatic tile for your master bathroom be sure it is something you’ll be wanting to see everyday. If you are a little nervous, then a less used guest bathroom might be a good place to start. Here are some show-stopping looks to get you inspired.

Bold Bathroom Tile Design
BoldImage credit @juliesoefer

Stunning design by Creative Tonic. The strong graphic pattern is bold and exciting.. Extending the tiles halfway up the wall intensifies the drama, drawing you in. White balances the space giving the eye somewhere to rest and strong gold fitting and accessories add warmth and luxe completing the look.

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas
Image credit Lindsay Salazar

Beautiful bathroom design by Andrea West Design. The angular pattern and smoky colour are so elegant. I love the way she has taken the tile up the wall, onto the ceiling and the creative transition to a white rectangular tile . It’s fine to use a couple of different tiles in your bathroom (probably up to 3). Decide on the tile which will have the biggest impact first, and then look at the size of both tile and pattern and choose a different shape/size/pattern. With a dramatic pattern like this it is probably wisest to pair with a plain tile so as to keep the focus on your “star” pattern. Order samples, look at the tiles together and think about whether they look right.

When using more than one tile next to each other then, check the thickness of each tile. If one tile is thinner you will have to lay something under it to bring it up to the height of the other.

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas
Image copyright Fiona Walker-Arnott

Dramatic tiles are not just for bigger bathrooms. A bold design in a strong colour gives this bijoux space some pizazz. Tiling the side of the bath provides extra surface area for the pattern giving it more impact. Again the rest of the bathrooms is left white and there are strong brushed brass accents creating a classic and slightly masculine feel.

Hex Star by Popham Design
Image credit Cloth & Kind

I think this might actually be a kitchen, but this pattern would work equally well in a bathroom. Hexagon shaped tiles are all the rage at the moment. This is Hex Star by Popham Design. It would look fabulous in a shower enclosure or on the wall behind the basin/s, as shown here. It’s kind of romantic and fun, which are lovely feelings with which to start and end each day.

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Bathroom Tile Design Ideas
Image via @renovating_the_house

The famous Lily Pad tile from Ca Pietra. A favourite on Instagram and stunning displayed here. This hexagonal tile can be laid in different ways to create multiple patterns; starbursts (as above), but also arrow and web. The long angular lines can make a space appear bigger. This tile is produced as both encaustic and porcelain – see below. Here they have paired the main tile with a smaller hexagon tile. This works well whereas a larger hexagon might look a bit overwhelming and unbalanced.

Note: Take care when choosing tiles, encaustic is popular at the moment and there are many beautiful examples on Pinterest but these cement tiles are porous and so, will need sealing and regular resealing. Over time the colour may fade. They are also more difficult to lay, check with whomever is installing that they have the knowhow. Porcelain tiles are usually glazed and fired and will need no further treatment. They are also easier on the pocket.

Bold Bathroom Tiles
Image credit The Brighton Bathroom Company

You do not need to go for a pattern to make a big statement. This bright blue chevron is bold and happy, especially paired with the bright towels and yellow seat. Hexagons on the floor add to the playful vibe. Did you know that in Feng Shui the hexagon represents higher wisdom and spirituality. Who doesn’t want a bit of celestial power in the mornings?

Glamorous Bathroom Tiles
Image credit E&A Interiors

Another popular shape trend: the scalloped look. This is also a fan shape which has Art Deco connotations. These high gloss tiles give off a very glamorous, chic vibe which is heightened by the gold accents. Very Hollywood glam. For something similar try Syren from Topps Tiles.

Contemporary Bathroom
Image credit @alexey_volkov_ab

This contemporary bathroom perfectly balances masculine and feminine, and glamorous and industrial. The colour scheme, fixtures and fittings feel modern, whilst there is a gorgeous classic pattern on the floor tiles. High gloss wall tiles amp up the glamour. Moody but beautiful.

Retro Stars
Image credit @ca_pietra

And finally these stars from Ca Pietra caught my eye. Old school London glamour perfectly matched with the exposed copper pipes and Aesop hand wash. Retro chic with an industrial edge.

Tiling your bathroom in a bold design that you love is bound to improve your morning mood. One note of caution though – if you are thinking of selling your house soon then retiling the whole master bathroom in a striking design may not be the most sensible approach. It is probably a bit like marmite, prospective buyers will either love it or hate it. Perhaps, if you are worried about this, it is best to do a smaller area like a powder room floor or a splash back behind the sink. Something which doesn’t look too time consuming or expensive to change.

So, what do you think? Are you feeling inspired to do some dramatic tiling in your bathroom? Will you be using any of the ideas shown above?

Hope you are all well and looking forward to (cautiously) moving out of lockdown.

Lots of love

Anna XO 💕

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