I was scrolling through my Pinterest the other day, and I came across some images of the fabulous London home of Sera Hersham Loftus. Also known as Sera of London. This boho glam apartment is giving me all kinds of exotic, seductive thrills. The vibe is eclectic, romantic and creative; a magical, cozy, plant filled retreat from the city outside. This celebrity interior designer is super talented, creating very personal looks with lots of layers. Get ready to feel inspired.

Sera Hersham Loftus' Kitchen

How glamorous is this black kitchen? The silver and brass hardware on the cabinets and the range really amps things up. This is counterbalanced by the rustic wood of the table, floors and shutters. The lampshade adds a dash of eastern romance.

Bedroom, Boho Glam Apartment

Who wouldn’t love a fireplace in the bedroom during an English winter? See how the feminine pink and blue scalloped throw cushions are balanced by the more masculine feeling natural wood floors and exposed bricks. And all those books! I could loose a few hours in here.

Living Room, Boho Glam Apartment

The grandeur of the ornate wall mouldings is matched by the huge glitter ball and the mirror over the fireplace. Meanwhile the plants, green, winged furniture and black ceiling bring warmth and coziness into the mix. Grown-up romantic glamour.

Dressing Room, Boho Glam Apartment

Sera’s dressing room is breezy and relaxed with it’s old shuttered doors and floaty dresses. I love how the doorway to the bathroom has been fitted with folding shutters as well.

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Bedroom, Boho Glam Apartment

Wow 😍 Feels like you are in a Renaissance orangery. The large palms and other plants are amplified in the giant mirror. Rattan furniture and delicate florals on the silk bedding really enhance the garden luxe vibe. The perfect place for lounging. Living the bohemian dream.

Les Follies Furniture, Boho Glam Apartment

These scalloped chairs are from Sera’s Les Follies furniture collection. Glamorous and feminine.

House Gowns by Sera Hersham Loftus

Sera also makes these beautiful house gowns. Use as curtains or to replace doors for a romantic, dreamy feel. To see more of them visit @serasestra.

Bedroom, Boho Glam Apartment

And lastly, I think this is the orangery style room from another angle. We can see that the indoor garden reflects the outdoor one and that the scalloped cushions are echoed in the blinds.

So, does this boho glam apartment tick your boxes? Are you feeling inspired? If you’d like to see more, you can follow Sera on Instagram @seraoflondon. XO

All images via Sera Hersham Loftus.

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