So, it’s summer and all around me I am seeing vibrant colour. From flowers, to fashion, to sunsets. And it is no different in the interior shots on my Instagram/Pinterest feeds. Colour seems to be everywhere. Today I’m bringing you some inspirational pink and blue interiors.

As I’ve said before, looking to your own wardrobe for colour inspiration for your home is a great idea as it will ensure you are surrounded by colours you love. And, hopefully, ones that suit you! My summer wardrobe is full of pinks and blues, which are (currently) my two favourite colours. For some reason it is sometimes thought that the two colours don’t go together. Perhaps because of pink supposedly being a girls colour and blue supposedly being a boys colour. FYI this thinking has only been around since the 1950’s. Before then children’s toys and clothes were a mix of colours and not gender assigned.

But really the colours complement each other very well and can really make each other pop. It can also feel a little unexpected. Below is a collection of some of my favourite pink and blue interiors, Starting with light, bright and fun, then moving to darker, grown-up, sophistication. Take a look:

Light, bright + fun

Pink and Blue Interior Inspiration from Will Taylor
Image via Bright.Bazaar.

Of course Will Taylor, from Bright Bazaar Blog, has designed a pink and blue interior! Big splashes of white, Moroccan inspired patterns and a squishy sofa makes the mixed blues and light pink feel bright, breezy and relaxed. The rattan table and plant holder also help with this. See how the blue and white are dominant and just a small splash of pink in the lamp, flowers and books is all it needs to take it to the next level.

Pink and Blue Interior by Patricia Bustos
Image via Patricia Bustos.

I’ve recently come across the work of Spanish interior designer Patricia Bustos. I love her ice-cream coloured aesthetic. In this seaside apartment pastel pink and blue appear again with white and rattan. The strong brass elements are the perfect accent. The glass table adds to the feeling of lightness and doesn’t obscure the colours. Follow @patrtricia_bustos for a glimpse into her candy floss world.

In the same vein is this delightful seventies style living room. The frothy mix of salmon and aqua is given an edge by the strong geometric walls and ceiling. The curved velvet sofa contrasts beautifully with these. The picture and chandeliers add intrigue and glamour typical of that era.

Pink and Blue Bathroom
Image via Traditional Home.

This bathroom, designed by Davin Interiors for the 2017 Traditional Home Showhouse in Southampton, NY, is anything but traditional. The bold splashes of blue and pink are matched by the statement chandelier, wallpapered ceiling, graphic rug and gold accents. These eye-catching elements are tempered by the classic furniture and the use of white. See how the curtains are hung well above the window to create a full on lux look. This is a good trick to make a room with smaller windows feel more grand.

Grown-up sophistication

Pink and Blue Living Room
Image via Sofa.

Above we can see how darker blue with a dusky pink looks elegant and sophisticated. Both colours have equally dominant roles. Note that the pink curtains, blanket and vase are an exact match for the walls. Likewise the lamp and candlestick are the same blue as the sofa. Dark wood and black and white help create a grown-up vibe.

Pink and Blue Kitchen Inspiration
Image via Sundeno. Photo by Sharyn Cairns.

This image is actually from a café in Australia, but it would work just as well in a home kitchen or bathroom. A deep petrol blue used in combination with blush pink is really sublime. Add to that the bronze tap and trim and the white shelves and marble sink and you have something simple but striking. Moby 3143 looks like it’s worth a visit if you are in Melbourne, Australia.

Pink and Blue Bedroom
Image via Woodoes.

I absolutely love deep blue bedroom walls. Maybe because I am not a morning person and so, I like the cocooning feel of dark walls. Here, again, there are equal measures of blue and pink. Again strong brass elements tie the look together and the splash of teal creates more interest. Love the chandelier but not so sure about the wall lamp which looks like a table lamp got lost up there!

Pink and Blue Bedroom
Image via Interiors 4 You.

In this slightly unusual set up, the light pink, sculptured, recessed headboard is framed by blue panelling. A couple of different blues are used here but it works because all the colours are tied together in the artwork. The rose gold pendants on the right are offset by the table lamp on the other side. I like the asymmetric layout of these lamps and the painting.

Image via Glitter Guide.

The light sugary pink of the washstand and mirror pop stunningly against the deep teal walls in this bathroom belonging to Charleston based photographer Gray Benko (amazing name!). Again accessorised with brass elements and bright white…..are you sensing a theme here?….. it feels welcoming with just the right amount of girly.

Image source unknown.

And finally a pink and blue kitchen. The colours inject personality into this clean, contemporary space whilst the natural wood furniture adds warmth. To show you something a bit different, this time the metallic elements are brushed chrome and black, the feel is sleek and modern. Love the recessed lighting in the cupboards above the sink.

So, what do you think? Are you feeling inspired by these pink and blue interiors? Which one is your favourite? Do you prefer the light, bright rooms or are you more a fan of dark blue with a duskier pink? XO 💕💙

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